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Dahlem Criminal Defence

The only thing standing between you and the state is your Defence Lawyer
It takes many years of practice to become a good criminal defence lawyer. It takes hard work, focus, and the discipline to maintain those two things for a long time. It takes a broad set of skills. A good criminal defence lawyer has to be good at public speaking, research, understanding people, comprehending complex and confusing evidence, rapidly making decisions and acting fearlessly to advocate for his client. I’ve spent the last 20 years studying and practicing law to become the best criminal defence lawyer I can be.

The court system is confusing. The government, through the police and the Crown prosecutors, is trying to convict you of an offence. There are very serious consequences to a criminal conviction: a criminal record, fines, loss of employment, loss of your liberty. It is up to you to defend yourself. It can be very difficult to defend yourself without good legal advice and representation. Make sure that you have a criminal defence lawyer there to defend you. As a criminal defence lawyer, my only aim is providing my clients with the best defence possible.

I’ve represented clients from mischief to murder and everything in between. I’ve conducted many hundreds of trials of all types; from simple assaults to very complex computer crime cases.


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